Union of Banks of Armenia

The Union is the legal entity non-commercial organization and its goal is to present the corporate interests of its members.

Welcome Cocktail & Networking Evening for over 150 EBRD Representatives of more than 50 Banks from around 30 Countries

Welcome Cocktail & Networking Evening for over 150 EBRD Representatives of more than 50 Banks from around 30 Countries

  On the eve of the annual meeting and business forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to be held in Yerevan, a "Welcome Cocktail & Networking Evening" was organized by the initiative of the Union of Banks of Armenia for the high-ranking officials from the international financial-banking institutions who arrived in Armenia, commercial banks of Armenia, the Central Bank of Armenia and the representatives of international organizations.

  According to UBA Chairman Daniel Azatyan, the event aims to bring together industry professionals to exchange ideas, share insights, build mutually beneficial relationships and explore potential collaborations.

  …By the initiative of the Armenian banks and the Union of Banks of Armenia, the event gathered around all the CEOs of the financial institutions, the representatives of the international organizations, more than 150 participants represented by over 50 banks from around 30 countries. We are convinced that aside from professional relations, personal and partnership networking in banking is equally valuable and this event serves as a good platform for such networking opportunities.

  In recent years we are facing such complex challenges as regional risks, international sanctions, digital transformation, digital assets, ESG etc. that contain various uncertainties, and in our work we are compelled to acknowledge these realities-uncertainty risks-while making decisions.  In the coming days Yerevan will become a venue for discussing and addressing these challenges, which is, of course, inspiring. However, in addition to the industry discussions, we envisage to introduce our guests the features of Armenian hospitality. We tried to combine the useful with the pleasant…-underlined the UBA Chairman.

  Within the framework of EBRD visit to Armenia, bilateral meetings with international financial organizations, delegates and representatives of foreign banks are also planned to be realized, with the objective of establishing and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation grounds on various directions.

  In addition, it is worth mentioning that the event initiated by UBA was convened thanks to the officials of EBRD Trade Facilitation Program located in Vienna, CBA and UBA International Financial Integration Center of Armenia in Europe.